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St Mary, Swinstead. The aisle in St Mary's Church. The centre of Swinstead. An historic house in Swinstead. On the street in Swinstead. Street scene in Swinstead. war memorial

War Memorial:

First World War - Chapman, Ellis, Fowler, Kettle, King, Osborn, Pick, Porter, Rosling

Second World War - Gentles, Holland, Lounds, Sentance


The Carrington family also has connections with Rutland.


Information about transcripts of wills can be found here

Charles CARRINGTON,   1775

Edward CARRINGTON,   1770

Elizabeth CARRINGTON,   1780

Elizabeth CARRINGTON,   1783

Elizabeth CARRINGTON,   1788

John CARRINGTON,   1777

William CARRINGTON,   1767

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Five miles from Bourne is the village of Swinstead.


The family of a carpenter.  One family member moved to Stamford.  

Ann LOWE,   1808

Charles LOWE,   1819

Eliza LOWE,   1812

Elizabeth LOWE,   1810

Mabbott LOWE,   1821

Robert LOWE,   1823

Scotney LOWE,   1818

William LOWE,   1814

William LOWE,   1816

In the News…………..1822

The sale of the property of William Lowe.  

In the News…………..1822

The unfortunate death of Robert Lowe.

Also born in this parish:

Thomas BENTLEY,  Abt 1778

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