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Alms houses in Stamford. St Mary's Church, Stamford. Ancient property in Stamford. Street corner in Stamford. Rooftops in Stamford. Narrow walkway in the old part of Stamford. Browne's Hospital Walkway to the alms houses at Browne's Hospital. Alms houses. The chapel at Browne's Hospital. A view of the chapel at Browne's Hospital. All Saints Church, Stamford. The George in Stamford.

The Littledike Family:

Another family of carpenters, this family had connections with the Pilkingtons.

The Pilkington Family:

A well known family in this town because of their carpentry skills.

Also born in this place:

John H CHRISTIAN, Abt 1862

Joseph CHRISTIAN,   Abt 1832

Betsy Ann DALTON,   1864

Charles DALTON,   1867

Edward DALTON,   1869

Thomas R DALTON,   1866

William Henry DALTON,   Abt 1863

Mary Ann LOWE,   1841

Mary Ann REEDMAN,   Abt 1822

Anna STUKELEY,   15 August 1733

Mary STUKELEY,   1735

Elizabeth PILKINGTON,  1753

George PILKINGTON,   1743

Henry PILKINGTON,   1763

John PILKINGTON,   1740

Mary PILKINGTON,   1701

Mary PILKINGTON,   1743

Mary PILKINGTON,   1764

Nicholas PILKINGTON,   1738

Robert PILKINGTON,   1693

Robert PILKINGTON,   1761

Sarah PILKINGTON,   1755

Thomas PILKINGTON,   1702

Thomas PILKINGTON,   1733

Thomas PILKINGTON,   1766

William PILKINGTON,   1756

William PILKINGTON,   1770

Elizabeth LITTLEDIKE,   1789

Elizabeth LITTLEDIKE,   1796

Elizabeth LITTLEDIKE,   1814

Emma LITTLEDIKE,   Abt 1844

George LITTLEDIKE,   1783

George LITTLEDIKE,   1824

Henry LITTLEDIKE,   1795

Henry LITTLEDIKE,   1822

James LITTLEDIKE,   1779

Jane LITTLEDIKE,   1782

John LITTLEDIKE,   1776

John LITTLEDIKE,   1787

John LITTLEDIKE,   1816

Joseph LITTLEDIKE,   1820

Mary LITTLEDIKE,   1785

Mary LITTLEDIKE,   1819

Mary A LITTLEDIKE,   Abt 1843

Richard LITTLEDIKE,   1791

Susannah LITTLEDIKE,   1791

Thomas LITTLEDIKE,   1777

William LITTLEDIKE,   1780

William LITTLEDIKE,   1793

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The market town of Stamford with five medieval churches and streets of very old stone buildings.  

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