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The Crisp Family:

The descendants of a fish merchant who left his native Suffolk and moved to Lincolnshire.

The Fawcett Family:

The children of a mariner who married a girl from Grimstby.

The Gallant Family:

Another family with connections to Suffolk.  The father of the family was a fisherman.  

The Nunn Family:

This is very much an East Anglian surname.  This family was also seafaring.

Anson CRISP,  1864

Anson CRISP,   1872

Doris Rose CRISP,   1897

Jane CRISP,   1873

John CRISP,   1870

John CRISP,   Abt 1877

John Augustus CRISP,   1858

Lizzie CRISP,   1878

Margaret Eleanor CRISP,   1862

Margaret Ellen CRISP,   1867

Mary Ann CRISP,   1867

Mary Ann CRISP,   1874

Mary Ann CRISP,   Abt 1872

May CRISP,   1894

Susan CRISP,   1880

Tom CRISP,   1869

Vera CRISP,   1900

Also born here:

Kathllen ARMSTRONG,  1920

Annie Lilian BRISTOW,   1906

Frederick Alfred BRISTOW,   1900

Horace Henry BRISTOW,   1908

Sarah Elizabeth BRISTOW,   1903

John William CARRISON,   1906

Elizabeth CLAYTON,   1725

George CLAYTON,   Abt 1694

Jemima CORDOCK,   Abt 1848

Edward James Henry DAVIS, 1890

William John DAVIS, 1887

George DOBSON,   Abt 1907

Albert Edward ERATT,   1906

Ann Eliza FRAYNE,   1911

Pearl GILBY,   1900

Beatrice HINDLE,   1886

Jane LISTER,   Abt 1808

Edward William QUANTRILL,   1911

Betsy Elizabeth REYNOLDS,   1904

Esther SAUNDERS,   Abt 1881

John William SAYE,   1890

Charles THOMPSON,  Abt 1812

Ann Elizabeth THORP,   1887

Dinah THORPE,   1884

Thomas THURLBECK,   Abt 1865

Ethel Maud WARNER,   1889

Belinda GALLANT,   Abt 1891

Elsie I GALLANT,   Abt Oct 1900

George GALLANT,   Abt 1898

Grace Lilian GALLANT,   1887

Margaret Ellis GALLANT,   1881

Robert William GALLANT,   1885

Walter GALLANT,   1889

Agnes FAWCETT,   1882

Emma FAWCETT,   Abt 1849

Emmett Colvin FAWCETT,   1867

Flory Elizabeth FAWCETT,   1886

Hannah FAWCETT,   Abt 1830

Harry FAWCETT,   1880

Jane Maria FAWCETT,   1870

Jemima FAWCETT,   1873

Sarah A FAWCETT,   Abt 1831

Susanna FAWCETT,   1878

Tom FAWCETT,   1875

Andrew NUNN, abt 1901

Edward Thomas NUNN, 1889

Elizabeth NUNN, 1885

Emily NUNN, 1897

Florence Mary A NUNN, 1887

Fred NUNN , 1900

Harriet NUNN, 1891

Ivy Jane NUNN, 1895

James Harris NUNN, 1893

Grimsby Minster

From the collection of Graham and Joan James

From the collection of Graham and Joan James

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Grimsby is a port town on the south side of the Humber Estuary.  In the mid 20th Century it was reputed to have the world’s largest fishing fleet.  

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