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Ancient property in Sleaford. Street in Sleaford. Sleaford Church. Interior of Sleaford church. Near the church in Sleaford.

Including New Sleaford and Old Sleaford

The Bristow Family:

More members of our own family tree, although somewhat distantly related.

Ann Maud BRISTOW,  10 December 1893

Annie Eleanor BRISTOW,   1887

Betsy Ann BRISTOW,   1859

Charles BRISTOW,   1869

Charles E BRISTOW,   1866

Charles Eldritt BRISTOW,   1833

Edith BRISTOW,   1901

Edward BRISTOW,   1867

Edward Eldritt BRISTOW,   1859

Edwin BRISTOW,   1828

Henry BRISTOW,   1862

Jane BRISTOW,   1831

John BRISTOW,   1864

Joseph BRISTOW,   1870

Lizzie BRISTOW,   1885

Maggie BRISTOW,   1889

Major Sutton BRISTOW,   1868

Mary Ann BRISTOW,   1862

Sarah Jane BRISTOW,   1860

William Eldritt BRISTOW,   1860

Others born in this parish:

Mary Elizabeth BAILEY,   1872

Rita LACEY, 1909

Esther THORP,   1882

John Robert THORP,   1881

Charles WOTTON,   1895

Fred WOTTON,   1896

Henry WOTTON,   1892

Lincolnshire Counties Contact

Sleaford is a market town on the edge of the Fenlands.  

The Cross Family:

Male members of this family were labourers, a joiner  and also a publican.  

Ann CROSS,   1816

Betsy CROSS,   1844

Harry Aden CROSS,   1850

John Owen CROSS,   1842

Owen CROSS,   1818

Thomas CROSS,   1822

Tom CROSS,   1845

In the News……….1847

News of a riot led by Owen Cross.

In the News……….1848

A second riot in Sleaford.

The Squire Family:

A family of very early times whose occupations are difficult to establish.  

Benjamin SQUIRE,   1741

Christopher SQUIRE,   1693

Christopher SQUIRE,   1729

Christopher SQUIRE,   1776

Daniel SQUIRE,   1742

Elizabeth SQUIRE,   1747

Gilman SQUIRE,   1744

John SQUIRE,   1734

Lydia SQUIRE,   1727

Lydia SQUIRE,   1730

Mary SQUIRE,   1740

William SQUIRE,   1733

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