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The people below are part of the family of a miller and baker.



The name of Titus Tipler was certainly intriguing and has been found in other parishes in the county.

Almina ATKINSON,  1875

Ebenezer ATKINSON,   1877

Edith Mary ATKINSON,   1882

Frederick ATKINSON,   1879

Henry ATKINSON,   1882

John Joseph ATKINSON,   1874

Katie ATKINSON,   1887

Martha ATKINSON,   Abt Dec 1880

Thomas Stennet ATKINSON,   1876

Also born in this parish:

John Thomas BRACKENBURY,   1871

Rose Annie BRACKENBURY,   1870

John George FRANKS,   1877

Ann TIPLER,   1756

Ann TIPLER,   1764

Richard TIPLER,   1762

Thomas TIPLER,   1758

Titus TIPLER,   1761

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